South 0.7.4

This is a minor new release of South, and the fourth bugfix release for the 0.7 series. The main feature is compatability with Django 1.4.

It has unfortunately been over a year since the last South release - I intend to make them more frequent from now on, especially where large bugs are concerned. South 1.0 will eventually happen, but we may end up dropping support for some of the older Django versions when it’s released.

Backwards incompatible changes


Timezone support

Thanks to work by various contributors, most notably Jannis Leidel, South now supports timezone-aware datetime fields (as is the default in Django 1.4).

unique handling

South now correctly handles the use of the unique= keyword on columns.

on_delete handling

South now correctly handles and persists the on_delete argument to ForeignKeys.

Constraint caching

Runtime has been improved thanks to caching of constraints at runtime. Thanks to Jack Diederich for a large portion of this work.

Oracle and MSSQL fixes

Thanks mostly to the work of Shai Berger, the Oracle and MSSQl backends have been signficantly upgraded and improved.

Other fixes

As usual, there are tens of other minor fixes throughout the codebase. Full details of those are available on Trac.

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